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Here you'll find a small collection of my poetry, including published pieces as well as some work-in-progress pieces.


"Memo" for Oranje Band

"When I awoke it was night: obsidian sky toothpick-punched to let in all the bright"



"a vast entropic world pulling undertow,
the floss tied to the tooth of all things"

39036 (1).jpg


"Fire-coloured fiber walks along
the setting like it would a body, a belly;"


Blue Digona

"Sun peeps through blue
digona glass with salt clung"


They Know

"They sit, solemn, watching,
green, still as the pampas"

Abstract Background

Quaint Blip

"attention, yours, in my palm, you
tell me this speckle of life is all ours"


The Fermi Paradox

"so what if that's sad? at least there's nothing / worse than us existing"

Wine Shop

Inner Voice

"in my mouth a river stone,
smooth, matte and wanting"

Fuschia Flower Print

I've Been Inside

"You are a thimble sitting in the stifle
of a dresser drawer, a tasteless floral"

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