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Quaint Blip

Feet stop in a quaint cheese shop,
this walk home is the warmest melt,
a cracker wrapper rustling, open
sliding door, the wind is bittersweet,
green-brown eyes looking at mine

I'll remind you how you make me
feel the most alive, my heart can
land safely in your cupped hands,
i lick vanilla from my lips, you pull
the layers back on the bed and

make me wake up, i wonder aloud
are you ever absorbed with knowing
you are alive at this exact fleeting
moment in this blip of shared timeline?
Lapped like milk from a metal saucer,

attention, yours, in my palm, you
tell me this speckle of life is all ours
to feel everything about, anything,
and i want to voice how i'm thinking
'if i die now it would be okay'

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